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Example: policy: !KeyOf my-policy-id

Resolves to the primary key of the model instance defined by id my-policy-id.

If no matching entry can be found, an error is raised and the blueprint is invalid.


Example: configure_flow: !Find [authentik_flows.flow, [slug, default-password-change]]

Looks up any model and resolves to the the matches' primary key. First argument is the model to be queried, remaining arguments are expected to be pairs of key=value pairs to query for.


Example: configure_flow: !Context foo

Find values from the context. Can optionally be called with a default like !Context [foo, default-value].


Example: name: !Format [my-policy-%s, !Context instance_name]

Format a string using python's % formatting. First argument is the format string, any remaining arguments are used for formatting.